new b777 express freighter (EF) capacity

General cargo sales

Operating alongside Eastern Airlines (EAL) existing passenger-based cargo network, Eastern Air Cargo (EAC) offers capacity on a free sale basis on route-by-route basis selling at market rate per kilo, scheduling the B777EF on an expanded EAC cargo network of its own.

Some of this capacity is offered on a “BSA” Blocked Space Arrangement which helps E-commerce shippers to scale their capacity requirements without committing to a full aircraft. Together with the EAC Network this enhances efficiencies creating true partnership opportunities.

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Our Passenger Network

Eastern Airlines is the only non-legacy U.S. airline exercising scheduled service authority with a wide body aircraft. Eastern specializes in transporting customers from niche international markets principally in South America to and from the United States. Our mission is to provide underserved markets across the globe with direct, nonstop flights with the best value.
  • Miami
  • Dominican Republic
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Global Network

Our global freighter network and charter services let you ship to and from destinations around the world.

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Proven Track Record

On-time performance is fundamental to providing both scheduled air cargo and passenger services. Our team works 24/7, 365 to ensure our flight schedules run seamlessly.

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Green Initiative

Eastern Airlines all wide-body fleet of passenger and freighter aircraft are highly efficient at a per kilo/unit level even when compared with newer aircraft.

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Rapid Response

Our dedicated team manage multiple connections at a competitive price and are always on hand to help whenever you need us.